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Collaborative Playlists on Spotify allow you to add your songs and get real people to listen.

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Image Description
I wasted so much money on fake Spotify promoters and scams placing my music on fake bots traffic driven playlists. Collaborative Playlists are so different! This is the only legit way that truly puts your music in front of real people! If they like it, they will keep your music on their playlists forever. It's that simple! I can add my songs to new playlists everyday.
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Caught In Joy — musician, multi-instrumentalist

5000+ new monthly listeners

Caught In Joy is an independent solo artist playing rock and modular synths. Have a success story with our playlists? Let us know.

Caught In Joy on Spotify

Why is it hard to promote on Spotify? Why are Collaborative Playlists so valuable and why us?

Spotify Collaborative Playlists are playlists created by real Spotify users who want to share a collection of songs among their friends or fans. When you add your song to these playlists they're being listened by real people, not bots. This also appears on your "Discovered On" page and your stats and gives a strong signal to Spotify algorithms.

500000 +

There are over 500 000 so-called Spotify Collaborative Playlists you can find on the Internet.

1000 +

But only approx. 1000 of them are still Collaborative and allow you to add your song and this is what you will get.

95 %

of "promoters" or "pluggers" are fake. They will simply get your money, place you on a playlist they own and buy bot-traffic to listen to these songs. No one will "discover" you this way.

1750 +

We've sold over 1750 lists and as far as we know we're the only ones having a technology to scout and score them to provide a high quality list.

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1000+ verified Spotify Collaborative Playlists


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1000+ verified Spotfify Playlists

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