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Place your songs on 1000+ Spotify Collaborative Playlists

Benefits of using LOUD.

Get truly REAL Spotify listeners.

Get Truly REAL Spotify listeners

We provide you with hundreds of real Spotify collaborative playlists, created by real people, not bots. All these playlists are being listened by real people who will discover your music. These are not paid placements, but real opportunities to place your music to a broader audience. The best part is that you don't have to pay anyone for the placement and you're not violating Spotify terms of service.

Being on many playlists increases signals to Spotify algorithms

When you’re on many playlists you send a strong signals to Spotify algorithms, that see your songs as more valuable. It's that simple.

We monitor your songs positions on playlists

We monitor and find playlists that your song appeared on, got removed from or changed a position. This saves a lot of time and helps you find best audience for your music.

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How it works

What is LOUD?


We collect quality Spotify Collaborative Playlists

We currently have 1000+ Free Spotify collaborative playlists (out of over 90 000 playlists that used to be collaborative, but no longer are). This saves a lot of time when looking for playlists that you can add your songs to.


What are those "Free/Collaborative" Spotify Playlists?

Collaborative Playlists are playlists created by Spotify users like you and me. What makes them special is that everyone invited (or who knows the secret playlist link) can add songs to them.


DIY Plan

We give you a free or paid access to them. So you can add your songs.


Managed Plan

Or we can work for you and add your songs to playlists everyday.


LOUD Playlists Monitoring Tool

Everything above is accessible through our FREE Playlists Monitoring Tool.