How it works

What is LOUD?


We collect quality Spotify Collaborative Playlists

We currently have 1000+ Free Spotify collaborative playlists (out of over 90 000 playlists that used to be collaborative, but no longer are). This saves a lot of time when looking for playlists that you can add your songs to.


What are those "Free/Collaborative" Spotify Playlists?

Collaborative Playlists are playlists created by Spotify users like you and me. What makes them special is that everyone invited (or who knows the secret playlist link) can add songs to them.


DIY Plan

We give you a free or paid access to them. So you can add your songs. Learn more.


Managed Plan

Or we can work for you and add your songs to playlists everyday. Learn more.


LOUD Playlists Monitoring Tool

Everything above is accessible through our FREE Playlists Monitoring Tool. Sign up.